100% Berlin-based handcraft

Every single step of the production takes place in Berlin, created and handcrafted in the karakulowa shop using carefully selected materials, which have been passed on from one generation to the next. Karakulowa is the expression of a present motivation that remembers yesterday and acts for tomorrow. Like a chinese proverb says: one generation builds the street on which the next will walk.


Draft and Design

First, karakulowas head designer Lilija defines volumes and proportions on recycled paper. These designs are the foundation for the further development of the collection.



There is an infinite amount of material lying dormant for years in our ancestor’s cabinets that karakulowa wants to revitalize. The focus is on large-scale, high-quality natural fibers – these have proven a long service life that can be assured for the future. Every single bedlinen is carefully handselected.


Moulage and Construction

Based on the designs Lilija acquires three-dimensional prototypes from natural linen. In this step of the production, processing operations open up in detail. The favored shirts are transferred into technical individual pattern constructions serving as models for the sewing workshop.


Sewing Workshop

A regional cooperation is important to the designer. In Berlin-Kreuzberg Lilija came into contact with a sewing workshop that offers the possibility to tailor each pattern in single layer. Varying materials and patterns call for this production process turning the karakulowa shirt into something unique.


Transport & Logistics

Movement powered by the own strength, oxygen and good mood! Via bicycle and its trailer Lilija rides out to the nearby sewing workshop and the fabric suppliers. Or she is just browsing the city to gather all other necessary details for a successful realization of the upcoming karakulowa collection.

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